Quick scoping is confirmed (for now)

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Quick scoping is confirmed (for now)

Post  Dripping Blood on Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:54 pm

Robert Bowling is currently answering questions on reddit about MW3. This following question came up (in red) and the answer by mr Bowling (in blue).

- mattryanharris - Sir, you are a BAMF. You wrote a children's book and you made me believe that MW3 will be great ;D I just want to thank you. One time on Twitter, you gave me a code for DLC on MW2. That was my birthday and it really made it great. Thank you and as hardcore MW2 fan, I have to ask: will there be quick-scoping in MW3?
- fourzerotwo - Thank you sir. I appreciated it. Currently, you can still quick scope in Modern Warfare 3. Keep in mind though, multiplayer is always changing at this stage (new perks, new balancing, new everything all the time based on feedback), however our philosophy on that hasn't changed since MW2.
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