Confirmed multiplayer info!

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Confirmed multiplayer info!

Post  Dripping Blood on Sat Jul 09, 2011 2:04 pm

Full Multiplayer Reveal including the whole CoDElite service will take place on September 2nd-3rd, during the CoD XP 2011 event.
Call of Duty Elite service with some paid aspects to enhance the Multiplayer experience (see official trailer here)
Call of Duty Elite Premium members will get DLC's for free
Weapon base damages will be increased to compensate the lack of Stopping Power
Security is a top priority for IW
Soundwhoring will not be overlooked
Post-launch updates is a priority for IW
Balancing explosives is a key design point
Theater Mode is returning.
MW3 will build up from CoD4 and polish every aspect from MW2 that "has went too far".
MW3 will focus on gun on gun, and less on air support, knifing, etc.
Playing the objective in MW3 will be more rewarding, thanks to tweaks done to the XP, Match Bonus, Challenges and more.
There is no Stopping Power, Danger Close, Juggernaut, One Man Army, Commando, Last Stand or Tactical Nuke.
The melee will be nerfed.
It was hinted the classic Callsign system will return.
Quick Scoping will be possible in MW3.
The MW3 unlock system will be "unique", and will not use currency.
The killstreak system has been re-vamped.
Confirmed maps : Dome
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